Improving Penn Medicine’s electronic health record

As part of a multipronged effort to enhance and further improve Penn Medicine’s electronic health record (EHR), health system leadership and members of the EHR Transformation Team launched a Your Big Idea challenge in October 2018 to crowdsource EHR pain points and solution suggestions from frontline staff.

Providers from across the health system were prompted to share information about the tasks that disrupt their workflow, complicate clinical decision making, or simply take too much time. We also asked them to share how they would optimize those tasks if they could.

We collected more than 200 thoughtful ideas for EHR improvement that helped reveal collective pain points and opportunities for improvement.

After reviewing submissions, the EHR Transformation team launched efforts to implement quick fixes as well as more complex solutions to decrease charting time, reduce unnecessary clutter, simplify repetitive tasks, and enable improved patient engagement. Penn Medicine employees can learn more about the specific targets and stay informed about progress here.

Challenge committee: Michael Restuccia, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer; Bill Hanson, Chief Medical Information Officer and Vice President; Christine Vanzandbergen, Associate Vice President Applications; Philynn Hepschmidt, Associate Vice President of EHR Transformation; Glenn Fala, Associate Chief Information Officer; David Asch, Executive Director, Penn Medicine Center for Health Care Innovation; Jody Foster, Assistant Dean for Professionalism; Katherine Choi, Senior Innovation Manager, Penn Medicine Center for Health Care Innovation