How it started 

In 2012, Penn Medicine launched the "Your Big Idea Challenge," a campaign focused on finding new ways to improve patient care and experience.  Over 1,700 ideas were submitted by more than 1,400 participants through email and the website, and in “idea dropboxes” placed around campus.

Through a five-star rating system, the submitted ideas generated over 66,000 ratings from faculty and staff, amounting to an average of over 37 ratings per idea - and resulting in engagement from nearly one-third of Penn Medicine’s workforce.

In the end, ten ideas made it to the final round, and two were chosen for implementation.  Winners included Patient Services Kiosks and MyPenn Scheduler.  Click here to learn more about the finalists, and the implementation of the winning ideas.

In the news

About the Center for Health Care Innovation

The Penn Medicine Center for Health Care Innovation facilitates the rapid, disciplined development, testing and implementation of new strategies to reimagine health care delivery for dramatically better value and patient outcomes. To learn more, click here.